Tops and bottoms, Dominants and submissives, Masters and slaves

A large number of gay couples these days are involved in Domination and submission as part of their relationship. One partner takes on the role of the Dominant and this role is often called, Master. The other partner who takes on the role of submissive is sometimes called a slave.

Sometimes the relationship will be more as a top and bottom then an actual Master and slave relationship. The submissive is often the bottom in all areas of the relationship, especially sexually. A Master may take on several submissives in a relationship to form a slave stable.

Maintaining a slave stable of several slaves takes a very experienced Master. Some slave stables may number as high as twenty depending on the Master. It is important that the Master maintains strict discipline and control over all the slaves in the stable.

For some men being a Master is a lifestyle. Other men may decide that being a Master is more a role play scenario they may do from time to time. There is much to learn about being a Master and the skills involved in training slaves. Some men are natural born Masters while other men need time to learn how to be a Master. Even some men start off as a slave before becoming a Master.

Some men choose the role of serving as a submissive in a relationship because they feel this is their life destiny. An obedient well trained submissive is hard to find. Obedience is an important part of the relationship and most submissive men will understand that. A submissive also understands that his Master will discipline him when it is required. The type of discipline will depend on the Master and what he feels is best.

Many couples involved in a Master and slave relationship also enjoy cuckolding. Cuckolding can give the relationship a great boost and deliver satisfaction to both partners. Many submissive men understand that cuckolding will often be a part of the relationship at some stage in the future. If you have not tried cuckolding before it may be a good idea to talk about this and see if it is something you want in your relationship.

If you have never tried a relationship involving Dominant and submission before then it is a good idea to start off slow. Talk to other people with more experience and learn as you go. Finding a mentor is a good idea as is joining a local group.

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